Brave Heart Pilates & Yoga studios are privately owned and operated by Sadhnaa Lakshmi Devi (formerly known as Sylvia Catzen) who takes a holistic approach to Pilates and Yoga, movement and conditioning. Ms. Devi incorporates traditional Pilates and Yoga methods with a focus on modern rehabilitative techniques.

Our Gratz equipped studios are located at 2200 Broadway, Suite D in Vancouver, Washington 98661and our brand NEW Oak Grove location at 2180 SE Oak Grove Blvd in Milwaukie, OR 97267. We can provide group training and/ or one-on-one sessions in a completely private environment.

As a studio helping people find ease of movement in their bodies, Brave Heart Pilates And Yoga empowers clients through their injuries and helps them gain control of their health and physical well being. Brave Heart Pilates and Yoga wants to make movement a part of your everyday life.

Designed and developed by Joseph Pilates, this intensive fitness program consists of over 500 exercises that focus on strength, endurance, flexibility, muscle-building and developing neglected smaller muscle groups.

Each Brave Heart Pilates And Yoga  client is viewed as a whole person with unique and specific needs.  Regardless of your fitness level, your capacity for movement is considered and adjusted for your individual, private program.  There is never pressure to work beyond your own pace or capacity for movement.

My mission is to inspire people to make movement a part their every day life.

My larger personal mission is to crossing cultural boundaries of class,caste, race & colour, thru Love , Movement and Breath. To make these self healing practices available to all. Committed to the preservation of culture, language, arts and traditional therapies in a modern world.

Dedicated to spreading the Sanatam Dharma to All, to share the classical teachings of Joseph Pilates & Kundalini Kriya yoga, and supporting divine charities.

About Me, while I’m not associated with ISKON or SRF, Self Realization Fellowship, I share in the traditions of the teachings of Pramahansa Yoganada and The Gita.

I Welcome all students and teachers of yoga. A muliti disciplinary movement studio, I offer a variety of practices meant to encourage personal growth, via, art, dance, yog & pilates or just gathering together. Join me as we come together to make great change in the world.

A collective vision, healthy supportive, global community.