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Energy of Success & Prosperity of Angel Anauel™

Founder: Alla Sharkia

Angel Anauel in ancient Hebrew, the Kabbalah language,  means Angel to which God answers, and Anauel elongs to the eighth angelic rank of Archangels. This energy will change your consciousness and reconstruct your relationship to receiving abundance, success and prosperity.

This angel is female, very feminine. Anauel brings to you success and wealth. She will help to develop the ability within you to be rich and inspire within you a willingness to share with others. Anauel  will help you develop the ability within you to be rich and will inspire you to share that wealth with other people.

Anauel States:

“Success and financial rewards flow to you by the abundant flow” Through Anauel you can turn to your God (or higher power) for personal prosperity and success blessings, and you will be answered.

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