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Chakra Flush

Chakra Flush is a very simple method to clear stuck energy from the
Chakras.  It is easy to use and activated by intention. 
The Chakra Flush Empowerment works well in person or over a

It is an excellent complement to Reiki or any other vibrational
energy healing system and is inspired by the Meridian flushes which
work to flush the meridians.

 The Chakra Flush is a cleansing energy.  It does NOT
energize the chakras but; instead, it gently clears them of old
blocks and stuck energies.  By gently releasing the energetic
wounds of the past, the Chakra Flush creates the space for new
positive energy to enter in. 

It is a wonderful tool, is simple to use, is quick and effective and
assists with releasing of old burdens and emotional baggage, freeing
up of old stuck energy which works to energize and enliven and also
works to flush energetic toxins and energy contamination.

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