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Chakra Elixirs

Founded by: Victor Glanckopf


The purpose of CHAKRA Elixir Workshop is to utilize the cosmic energy of the chakras to bring you to a full state of health, harmony and happiness!


This is accomplished by activating a new set of 6 chakra Empowerments known as Elixirs.


  • We can use these CHAKRA Elixir energies as instruments of total transformation, achievement,increased extrasensory perception, improved health and increased prosperity.


  • The energy from the chakras feeds our organs, cells and vital functions. Imbalances in our energy
    systems (chakras and nadis) stop the stream of vital energy, leading to illness and unhappiness.


  • Using the Shaktis and Empowerments in CHAKRA Elixirs, will free any blockages in your energy fieldsthus elevating the vibrational levels in all your non-physical bodies.


  • You will feel more alive and the quality of your life will increase.


  • CHAKRA Elixirs Empowerments help accelerate your personal ascension, mastery and consciousness-expansion.


  • The Empowerments in CHAKRA Elixirs will help open and expand your intuition giving you the knowing of your true purpose.


  • Your Intuition will guide you to trust in yourself and the universe. When we do not listen to our
    intuition we do not listen to our Soul; accidents, tension, fear and rage can then prevail.


  • The average human on our planet today lives in the world unconsciously. The state of the world is
    a complete testimony to this fact, as is the condition of the life of the majority of humans.


  • Subconscious programming and unconscious collective mind contol govern most people
    contributing to incorrect thinking that prevents right living.


  • Who would not choose prosperity, gratifying loving relations, vibrant health and a joyful life?


  • Activating Chakra Elixir’s energies will reverse your incorrect karma and block negative energies so your life will become bountiful.
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