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Attraction Reiki LEVEL 2

Attraction Reiki is a new, powerful and uplifting energy system brought to us by Reiki Master Stephanie Brail. Attraction Reiki helps you to “magnetize” yourself and strengthen your aura to enable you to draw whatever you want in life — money, love, opportunities and much more.

Attraction Reiki is suitable for everyone, if you have never done any Reiki work before you can use this system for yourself and your own purposes, if you are already a Reiki Practitioner you can use Attraction Reiki for yourself and in healing sessions too.

There are three levels to Attraction Reiki system with 3 different symbols in each level that activate the Reiki energy. The three symbols for each level will correspond to mind, body, and soul.

The Attraction Reiki course looks at mantras, affirmations, aura reading and has lots of practical advice and exercises that make it a must for anyone wanting to create positive changes in their lives through Reiki.


Level 1- Belief

What it means to believe and how beliefs affect our reality. Believing in yourself, believing anything is possible. The power of belief as the first step to changing your reality.


Level 2 -Intention

Become clear and focused in your intention and what it is in order to manifest whatever you wish into your life. How to create strong intentions and deal with co-creation and conflicting intentions. Using the power of intention as the power to create.


Level 3 -Attraction

Combines levels 1 and 2 into an attraction strategy, focusing on energy and magnetising yourself to your goals.


The course manuals are interactive, giving you the opportunity to write down your ideas and experiences and be an active part of each level. This is a great course for anyone wanting to attract more abundance, positive experiences and opportunities into their lives.


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