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Angelic Empowerments Reiki

Angelic Empowerments Reiki was originally written and compiled by Rev. Wendi Robinson, it is designed to assist you to connect more strongly with the energies of the Angelic Realm and to prepare your physical body and energy system for deeply connected individual work with the angels.

“The Angelic Empowerments were created with the assistance of my Guardian Angel, the Archangels, and other Angelic Beings after being urged to put this work in a modality format by my Guides and Ascended Masters and other Beings of Light.

Angels are very real and powerful. They are non-denominational and although they are recognized and are an integral part of many of the world’s religions and/or spiritual paths – specific beliefs or non-beliefs have nothing whatsoever to do with your ability to access their assistance.
Angels have no time or space restrictions so they can simultaneously be with everyone who calls upon their assistance. Anyone can call upon the Angels.

One doesn’t have to live a “perfect” life or have any particular belief, specific education, or religious training or use a formal invocation – calling upon Angels is sufficient to bring them into your life.

The Angelic Empowerments are designed to assist you to connect more fully with ALL the Choirs of Angels and to understand the Angelic Realm.”

The following connections are included in the Angelic Empowerments Reiki:

Connection with
~Your Guardian Angel
~First Triad of the Celestial Hierarchy
~ Cherubim
~ Thrones
Second Triad of the Celestial Hierarchy
~ Dominions
~ Virtues
~ Powers
Third Triad of the Celestial Hierarchy
~ Principalities

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