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Angel Light Initiation

The word Angel comes from ANGELOS which is the Greek word for messenger.

When we invite Angels into our lives they allow us a greater understanding and connection to the higher realms.

Angels are a higher vibrational consciousness (divine/celestial beings) who, with a few exceptions, have never walked the earth in human form. They are associated with beauty, joy, fulfillment, laughter, harmony, healing, protection and peace and are waiting in the side lines to be asked to help and assist in any situation. They cannot interfere with our free will, however, when asked they are pleased to walk with us and guide us along our path.


This course is suitable for those who are new to angel energies, as well as those who are used to working with angelic energies.

There are no prerequisites for this initiation, you only need a wish to connect with your Angelic friends as they bring forward their gifts of love and light for everyone to share.


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